A long, long, long time ago (Over 150 Million Years to be precise) the first intelligent humans walked the Earth. They had advanced technology that allowed them to travel the Universe in search of other intelligent life forms.

Since that time four generations of humans have existed on earth and each type of human was destroyed with the exception being the current generation that exists today.

Now the first generation of humans have returned to Earth and they have created The SUPER 7 GIRLS ™ to protect modern humans from disasters and each other.

The SUPER 7 GIRLSare 7 Teen Girl Super Heroes with incredible powers they use to help humanity when ever it needs it. They are 7 beautiful girls that were all born on January 1st exactly one year apart from each other on the 7 continents of Earth. The first of the Super 7 was born 18 years ago and the youngest only 12 years ago.

The Super 7 Girls ™ are:

Europa – 18

Oz – 17

Asia – 16

Nile (Ebony) – 15

Ice – 14

Cherokee – 13

Chiquita (Chica) – 12


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